Cubelizer - Actionable Analytics for Physical Retailers


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Servicio de monitorización de personas en espacios físicos empleando vídeo procesado (inteligencia artificial), con reconocimiento de patrones (machine learning) y con garantía de privacidad. Los clientes tipo son retailers: de…

Company Snapshot

Cubelizer provides retail managers tools to better understand the behavior of their customers, so that they can improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Cubelizer systematically provides accurate and quantitative information, in real time, anonymously and without requiring the active participation of the customer:
- Activity maps (heatmaps)
- People count
- Dwell times
- Preferred paths
- Distribution of customers in the store

This information is used by managers to:
- Understand the overall behavior of customers in their venues
- Determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns
- Define the conversion funnel
- Know the attractive of their SKU
- Perform A/B testing
- Manage staff teams and shifts
- Redesign the space